Eco-friendly from A to Z

Modern Forms2020-12-18

Being eco-friendly is a choice and even though it requires extra commitment, we know it’s worth it! That is why – at the client’s request – during the production of our medals and trophies, we not only choose ecological materials but as well make sure that ecological thinking accompanies us at every stage of order completion. Check out the details of the process and see our latest eco-friendly projects.

Step 1: Materials

Our innovation and a pro-ecological attitude are shown primarily in the choice of materials. For the production of this type of medals and trophies, we use wood, plywood and recycled cardboard, but also elements untreated wood in the form of wooden slices. The choice of such materials, combined with the creativity of our Graphics Department and the support of the Research and Development Department, allows us to create unique eco-style awards.

Step 2: Ecological substances = Safety

The materials themselves are not everything. The substances that give the design its final shape are also important. When executing orders for awards from eco-friendly materials we use specific types of printing inks, wood stains and enamels for wooden materials. We focus on ecology, and thus on the safety of our customers and the people who will receive our medals and trophies.

During the production of the awards we choose:

  • EN71-3 certified inks – the European standard for the health and safety of toys for children, which confirms that such inks do not contain heavy metals and can be used without risk to the body,
  • Eco-friendly wood stains – made of natural dyes,
  • Enamels for wooden materials – with EN71-3 child safety certificates and hypoallergenic properties.

Step 3: Packing

The finished product is not the last stage when it is possible to act in harmony with nature. The completed project has to safely reach the customer’s hands which requires appropriate packaging. Our goal is to minimise the amount of generated waste and to use eco-friendly materials as often as possible. For this purpose, we use cardboard packaging and gradually eliminating protective filling made from synthetic materials. This year, we have replaced the polyethylene PE protective foam with a biodegradable one, which has the same valuable properties as the synthetic equivalent and guarantees a safe journey of our products.

Step 4: Production waste

The project was completed – medals and trophies packed and on the way to the customer. What about the waste? The materials left over from the production – including foils, cardboard and metal sheets – are segregated and recycled. Being eco-friendly is important to us even after the completed production process.

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Do you have questions about eco-friendly projects and more? We will be happy to answer any of them.