In eco style – medals and trophies made of recyclable materials

Modern Forms2020-07-03

Today the choice of ecological products is more than just a temporary trend. Proecological concept, which is very close to Modern Forms, is becoming more popular in the industry of sports and business awards. Our products made of ecological materials are very popular abroad, and the interest is growing as well in Poland. Therefore, we have extended our offer to include awards in an eco style. Just check it!

Be eco – hand a trophy made of recycling board

Modern Forms keeps its finger on the pulse and is following the changes on the Polish and foreign market in its industry. Therefore, the introduction of products made of ecological materials was an essential novelty in our offer. Our first products using ecological materials were trophies made of recycling board made of pressed cardboard packaging. We mix such recycling board with various materials, personalize and adapt them to the customers’ needs.

The Second Life of cardboard – novelty in Modern Forms

Our goal is always to discover and promote innovative solutions. This time, we are the only company in Poland that offer medals and trophies made of cardboard. This is our another way for the production in line with ecological concept. We use high quality bookbinding cardboard made of 100% segregated waste paper. Our customers have already received the first products made of the cardboard.

What is characteristic about our medals made of recycled materials:

  • thickness of the cardboard is 3 mm,the possibility of any shape – like in case of our other medals,
  • personalization (different text, graphic, name on each medal),
  • full colour,
  • any colour of the neck ribbon that fits the medal.

Creativity goes with ecology

Do you want to receive an ecological product, and at the same time, impress bestowed people? The usage of ecological materials gives us new possibilities to produce medals and trophies. Unique texture of these materials can impress you by inapparent combinations – in case of a trophy, we can use various materials, such as cardboard and wooden elements or recycling board with plexiglass.

Ecological products – when will they be successful?

Medals and trophies made of ecological materials will honor the events with theme connected with ecology and nature. They will be perfect as the awards in sports events that promote healthy lifestyle and outdoor recreation. Moreover, this is a great idea for a corporate gift among companies which shows their ecological attitude and involvement in significant social affairs. Notwithstanding the kind of an event, you can be sure that our ecological products will be manufactured with special attention to details. What is more, the graphic due to the spatial texturing will be impressive.

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