Unique metal medals for the Volvo Sailing Days

Modern Forms2016-09-23
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Amazing 10 days of emotion-laden regatta, hundreds of sailing fans and unique atmosphere – maritime event called Volvo Gdynia Sailing Days once again took place. What is more, we have produced 600 personalised sports medals on this event.

Volvo Gdynia Sailing Days is a very prestigious sailing event which is organising since 2000. The organisers – Gdańsk Sports Centre emphasis that the main goal of this event is to promote sailing, the passion and love for swimming, raise the awareness among young people and convey some values as well as to show that this is great fun among sailing lovers. This competition is a sports festival which is to demonstrate entire spectrum of possibilities that may give us sailing.

Personalised metal medals

This order on sports medals we have accepted with a great pleasure. Their final shape and form is a result of the work of our graphic designer who have put a lot of effort into this project in order to make these medals perfectly suited to the nature of an event. The unique graphic design of these medals was accepted and we produce them with enthusiasm.

Medal for the sailor is made of brushed steel of about 4 mm thickness. On this medal we put an additional element made of plywood with engraved boat that reminds of a paper sailing boat. This element adds the uniqe look.

Unique medals on sailing events

Regatta is a race during which the participants have to demonstrate their abilities, strength(both inner and muscular) as well as perseverance. People who only take up the challenge and take part in sailing competitions deserve for the respect and congratulation as well as something that will represent a souvenir and a matter of pride. Nothing could make sailors happier than a unique medal which will reminds them of the scent of a fresh breeze and wind as well as sunrays which accompanied them during struggles.

Medals on Regatta Volvo in Gdynia

Medals for the sailors can achieve any shape or colour. We produce medals for sports competitions made of various materials, personalised and of any form from many years. After consulting with the client our graphic designer prepare the design. When our proposition is accepted we send it to the specialists of machinery park and it is put into practice.

We produce unique sailing medals:

  • made of various materials (such as handmade wood, exotic wood, stainless steel, aluminium, glass, plexiglas, laminate, composites, bullion),
  • according to our graphic design or prepared by our clients,
  • with any inscription, engraving or graphic,
  • of any shape and of even the most non-standard shape,

We are specialising in sports, commemorative medals and trophies – see the gallery of our products and get inspired!

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Medals on Regatta Volvo in Gdynia Source: Gdańsk Sports Centre

Sailing medals of Volvo Gdynia Sailing Days Source: Gdańsk Sports Centre

Sailing medals of Volvo Gdynia Sailing Days Source: Gdańsk Sports Centre