Together in the sports spirit despite many obstacles – it’s time for the virtual events!

Modern Forms2020-05-27

All planned events had to be cancelled or postponed due to the constraints associated with global pandemic. Sport enthusiasts have lost the chance to participate in things they really love and is their passion. Moreover, the organizers cannot complete the projects in which they contribute effort, hard work and put their hearts into.

Longing for normality we are not losing our spirit, and we come up with a suggestion that will help you to get through this difficult time (financially as well) and provide to your fans competition, emotions and experiences – this is what they really need.

Award for virtual run 10 miles

Medal for Hygienic Run for mental health
Medal for virtual patriotic event

Virtual events – the solution to the problems of organizers and a beautiful gesture for sport lovers

Self-realization and competition, the verification of your limits and going beyond them, and finally – joy over achieved success and emotions during the award ceremony – when you organize virtual event for your participants you will provide them with everything they need and miss now!  

How to do this? It’s simple – just organize the event (e.g. using social media or by your own way in which you contact with your community) and determine the challenge as well as the rules for the participation (remember about safety!) – imagine how much joy it will bring to inform them about such project!

Next to many positive emotions associated with the possibility to take part in such healthy competition, the additional boost are awards – medals, trophies or gadgets’ sets. They reflect the spirit of virtual event. We will design them just for you and according to your guidelines. It will be something more for your participants – a souvenir representing unity, responsibility, steadfastness and solidarity

Except for medals and trophies we have another interesting proposition – personalized (with any print) sports face masks. Find out more about our face masks and check out the photos:

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Do you need inspiration? Check how we have helped in the organization of virtual events

#stayhome, but be with us – we are together despite any obstacles

Virtual event is a great way to maintain (and strengthen) the relations between the sport lovers and other events organized for many people. It enables you to feel that despite difficult time we are still a unity – we run together, but apart. This is such a beautiful expression of social integration, understanding of each other’s need and selfless help.

During virtual events you can perform a collection which may help you to get through this difficult time or may be a form of a charity movement. Your community understands the problems that the events’ organizers have to deal with. As a result, everyone will take part in such form of a competition. They bear in mind that they contribute to such good cause and important matter.

We will help you to organize a virtual event that will remain long in the memory of participants:

  • graphic design in the price of the order – medals, trophies, bottle openers, keyrings or sets that will reflect the nature of an event (any print, shape, colors are possible) according to your needs,
  • we produce in a short period of time (from 5 to 7 working days + time of delivery) and we will delivery them in a safe way,
  • we offer affordable prices – no matter how much you would like to spend on awards, you will receive them, and they will delight the participants of your event.

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We are Polish company and we produce awards using the components of our Polish suppliers – when you order in our company you support European economy and labor market which guarantee the best quality products.

We have unlimited possibilities – creativity of our team and modern technologies enable us to create products of any shape. Your awards will be colorful, spatial and original owing to UV printing and laser cut.

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