The impossible becomes possible – the work of the R&D Department

Modern Forms2020-10-19

Modern Forms has always been a thought that moves forward. That is why we use modern technologies and improve our technique, achieving results like no other on the market. What is our strength? Meet the Research and Development Department – thanks to their work our awards bring delight to our customers and event participants who receive them. They say about their work: “… it is difficult to call something work if it brings you so much joy” – their passion can be seen in our completed projects!

What does the R&D Department do?

In one sentence: finding new solutions – including materials needed to finish the product as well as the technique of its processing. The employees of this department test the available solutions, modify and perfect them, so the final effects are in line with the highest quality standards of Modern Forms. It has to be said that the bar is set really high. Additionally, they keep their finger on the pulse of modern technologies, future market needs and what is most important – they know our products and the machinery from A to Z. See what their daily work entails.


From idea to implementation – how does the process look like?

These are the key issues in the R&D Department: ability to work as part of a group, cooperation with the whole Modern Forms team and efficient work at individual stages. How are the products that stand out among competition made? Most importantly, thanks to cooperation of the entire Modern Forms team:

  • IDEA – starts with many questions and discussions, it is our clients and their expectations that are our inspiration, and the completed product – the response to the needs of the market; at that stage the R&D Department is working with the Sales Department, which knows the most details about our client’s needs.
  • FROM WHAT AND HOW – at this stage we choose materials, techniques of processing and assembly.
  • PROCESS DESCRIPTION – preparation of the process description is extremely important, both in terms of specific product as we as any futures ones, which will be based on this solution.
  • GRAPHIC DESIGN – at this stage the project takes on colours and shapes, all thanks to cooperation between the R&D Department and the Graphics Department; it is necessary to finalise the technical and technological details which will contribute to the final effect.
  • EVALUATION AND ACCEPTANCE – we present the client with the final design and pricing and await approval.
  • PROTOTYPE – if it is a project based on an entirely new solution we create a prototype – we need to make sure that everything can go according to plan; picture of the prototype is sent to the client for their final approval.
  • COMPLETION – there is nothing else left: the Production Department starts with the production of the order!

This is worth bragging about!

The idea of improving solutions in the R&D Department has a very practical dimension. Thanks to the development of the proprietary system of the production management, tailored to the specifics of Modern Forms work, the employees can track the order at every stage – from production to shipping. This way of organising of the production process facilitates planning activities in timely manner and allows quick reaction. This, among other reasons, is why we are able to produce needed by you awards even couple days before the event and deliver them in time.

At Modern Forms we create products which quality is unique in the country and the world, despite the fact that we use modern machinery and equipment available all over the world. Thanks to the work of our R&D Department we are always one step ahead of the competition! Not only in terms of choice of technology, but also materials. In response to the modern trends and needs of our customers the R&D Department suggested medals and trophies made from recycled materials, which express, familiar to Modern Forms, concept of production in accordance with nature.

Our greatest pride is our products. See examples of our projects and prototypes, completed for our customers, which were created after consulting with our R&D Department. Among them, e.g. spring trophies or a trophy in the shape of map of Poland with a liquid inside. It does make an impression!

The work of the R&D Department – how can you benefit from it?

Our production abilities translate into one-of-a-kind products. If you are looking for exceptionally unique awards, express your expectations to the sales team. During the consultation with them, the R&D Department often creates personalised products keeping a single project in mind. In practice, this means that nothing is impossible for us. Let yourself be surprised!

Are you organising an event and looking for unique awards? Write to us – our advice and experience is at your service!