The exclusive version of trophies

Modern Forms2021-01-29

Are you organising a sports or business event and looking for top-shelf prizes? Let us know what you expect, and we will create trophies of the highest standard for you. We will creatively combine materials, giving them any shape or colour, and we will use our proprietary multi-layer printing technology that you can feel under your fingertips. Check out our completed projects and take your event to the next level! 

What event is worth honouring with trophies from our exclusive range? The simplest answer is: EVERY event, regardless of the occasion. However, years of experience show us that the most common types of events that our customers choose such trophies for are high-level sports and business occasions. In those cases, the setting of the event is of particular importance. In the case of sports, these are the national, European and world championships; while in the business category: jubilees and galas, often combining special thanks along with trophies for the most distinguished partners, employees or sponsors.

Any colour or shape – challenges us!

At Modern Forms, we like challenges the most, but even more when we can surprise our customers after a completed project. This can happen thanks to the efficient cooperation between all our departments, including the creativity of the R & D Departments and our graphic designers. Examples? We can faithfully replicate even the smallest elements no matter the shape or colour. That is why our customers often decide to put a company logo on their trophies which highlights the personal character of the award. See the effects of our work.

It is the detail that matters – multi-layer printing

What is multi-layer printing? Thanks to it our products gain double on a closer look. Due to our proprietary printing method, the three-dimensional elements can be felt under your fingertips. And that is not all! We can print over any surface (metal, steel, wood, plastics and others), which gives us an unlimited choice of materials. Additionally, multi-layer printing is characterised by extra durability. Effect? We will create for you unique trophies in an exclusive standard that you have not seen before.

What about the budget?

The budget you set is as important to us as matching the trophies to the character of your event. We are precise, and we value precision in our cooperation. During the first stage of our cooperation, we will ask you to specify the budget and to provide us with all the relevant information. For the trophy to be as close to your taste as possible, we will be happy to learn which of our completed projects you like.

Would you like to see our exclusive projects? Check out our trophies.

Any questions? We will answer them all!