About Us

Running, swimming, martial arts, cycling triathlon- many disciplines share the same goal: awarding participants of the open with medals and trophies, which reward their efforts and allow them to remember what victory feels like. This is our mission.

We are European producers of prizes and gifts. Our products are essential for sporting events, organized around the world, including national, European, and the world championships. We are happy to support local sporting events.

We know the sporting events industry very well. We know and understand the challenges it faces, so we have a better understanding of what is necessary to complete and support you in organizing your event. We guarantee it takes us a short period to fulfill our orders, as well as a quick reaction if there is a change of plans. By giving you this convenience, we will give you a sense of peace in your mind. Do you not know the final number of participants? When ordering in Modern Forms, you have the option of ordering bundles of products, even just before the event.

The Modern Forms team includes sports enthusiasts and participants of these sporting events. We know these emotions, which is the one creating awards for athletes, is a real award for us.