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Now, you have the opportunity to find out more about our innovative product – original medals and trophies. Read the article with, the founder and CEO at Modern Forms, Marcin Bosek. The interview was published in OHH Magazine – magazine about widely understood advertising and effective marketing strategies!

While reading, you can find out how to receive a few millions subsidy, if it is worth to implement innovations as well as why our products are unique, explanation of  the origin of innovative approach to medals and trophies, our future plans.

Innovative ad products Modern Forms

READ THE ARTICLE: http://pub.oohmagazine.pl/OOH/OOH129_MODERN.pdf


At first we were just typical advertising agency that was producing regular products like other similar company in this industry. Our activities were predictable. The real breakthrough was the unusual order from a client who would like to receive the medals but at the same time cannot afford the die cast one. This client didn’t want just typical Chinese medal with a stick on it or engraved but something more. Here came out the questions whether we were able to create such product which would not be in a regular shape but also quite cheap. This situation inspired us – as we also had the passion to create different and unconventional things as well as appealing for the customer. We were just waiting for such moment and we take the advantage of an opportunity.

This way the first medal made of a lightweight material was created. Then we produce other things which were much more better, original, sustainable and in various shapes. We were listening to the customers’ needs and that is why we were able to meet their expectations. When they wanted something heavier we started some experiments with for instance metal.

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Innovative medals from Modern Forms

We had more orders and broad circle of satisfied customers who gave us a positive feedback. This convinced us that we are doing the right thing. We have changed our profile to specialise in customised products. Today we see that it pays off.

We have developed the hybrid technology (CNC Machining from printing, 2,5D and 3D) as efficiently that we could produce medals and trophies in a several thousand volume within a short period of time. This modern technology opens up a wide variety of opportunities as we are capable of producing medals in any shape. What is more, we could combine the materials freely with the usage of our authorial spatial texturing in full colour. We could customise each of the product in a mass production.

We focus on the bespoke products. Furthermore, we are the producers as well as the advisers and designers. Company cooperate with customers who want to receive a medal or trophy that will stand as a good-looking souvenir from an event.

We are not afraid of challenges but we are looking for them. So far we have a few unique projects like spatially textured cups, trophies with printing made of concrete, medals shining at night and trophies made of recycled material. We have had also the opportunity to fulfill orders for well-known companies, event organisers, foundations or institutions. We have cooperated with Rolls-Royce, Legrand, Groupon, Eurobild, International Paper, PGE, mBank and Nike.

However, we want more. Our aim for 2017 is to introduce our innovative product to a foreign market. Regarding our new technology we would like to implement new products and services.

Today we can say that we have had a good idea for innovation. From the beginning we promote creativity, innovativeness and individual approach to the client and this is what allow us to be successful.