Sales department

The voices of this friendly bunch are familiar to our customers. Sales Specialists take care of the details, and they act as a liaison between the customer and our graphic designers. They walk thousands of steps every day between the office and production to make sure your orders are impeccable. They accompany you from your first contact till your final delivery, and they are always at your disposal.

Graphic designers

Sometimes it is hard for them to keep their bright ideas in check, but they do their best to make our customers delighted every time they receive their finished medals and statuettes. They create the designs from scratch OR bring your ideas to life. They are creative, professional, and well acquainted with the possibilities of our machines – this is the shortest description of our graphic designers.


They are the real driving force in Modern Forms. Without their commitment, precision, and a few strong words from time to time, we would never be able to finish so many great projects on time. Whenever an event is due, they work like a mule, so that even the smallest keychain reaches you on time.

Product development

This team is a real explosive mix. We don’t know how such an assortment of technical thinking and (sometimes) crazy ideas fit in their office. They know our machines inside out, and yet they still want to squeeze more and more out of them. They are responsible for testing, inventing, and researching new solutions.