About Us

A ceremonial gala, company event, anniversary, or cultural event- each event has it’s own goal: rewarding efforts that lead to success. Transferring its value into a prize that will go to the deserving participant(s). We start from there, and this is the foremost mission for our company.

We are European producer of awards and gifts. With years of experience, our products are featured as the setting for business events organized all over the world. Our cooperation with companies and corporations has allowed us to receive more knowledge about this industry; we now know this industry inside and out. We truly know the challenges it faces and how much preparation it requires.

We guarantee prizes which are consistent with your event and brand, from simple patterns to complex motifs. Personalization of the trophies- regardless of the number of items needed. Per your request, we can include each with your company’s logo. At Modern Forms, we hold a solid and stable ground. We believe attention to details is key to having quality products, so we pay close attention to details.
Summarizing the information listed above- instead of reproducing, we create personalized business rewards. Because we choose to value The rewards and emotions are one of a kind.