Night’s medals for PGE – On The RUN

Modern Forms2016-06-21
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Every month PGE is organising night’s run for every inhabitants of Warsaw and its vicinity. This race is held in the lanes of the Royal Baths Park. The participants have already run twice. Each time they were awarded by our shining medals

Night’s run – shining medals

PGE promotes sport and encourages people from Warsaw to participate in the run at this charming park. This 5 kilometre long race was moved by many people. Many people from Polish show business took part in it e.g. Jakub Wesołowski, Paulina Holtz and Rafał Maserak.

Medals for night’s run

We had the pleasure to produce sports medals for each On The Run event. PGE ordered rectangular shaped medals for the first edition. For the second one they chose the heart shape due to the fact that it was held on the Valentine’s day. Every medal was engraved and made of transparent plexiglas. What is more, there appeared some elements of photoluminescent foil that is shining at night.

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Medals for runners

Night’s medals shining in the darkness