Hexagonal shaped medals for Survival Race in Wrocław

Modern Forms2016-06-21
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The participants of survival events such as Men Expert Survival Race may only know how satysfying it is to complete the obstacle race. We are very pleased that all of the participants received our medals for the effort and overcoming thier own weaknesses as well as courage and strength to reach the finish line. What is more, our medals will be the reason to be proud of and great souvenir for the rest of their lives.

Nothing is impossible – at least for us! The production of 6000 pcs. of original medals for series of sports competitions was a great challenge for us. We knew that each participant of this obstacle race deserves the best! Consequently, medals had to be worked out in every detail and carefully finished.

Custom-made sports medals for Survival Race


Original medals for survival event

Medals to Men Expert Survival Race sports competitions in Wrocław have original, hexagonal shape and are made of powder-coated metal. These medals have modern design. They are three-coloured – black, red and white go perfeclty together and reflect this event’s nature. On the reverse side there is an organiser’s logo. On the ribbon of these medals you can see the inscription “Work Hard Play Hard”.

Metal medals

to Men Expert Survival Race:

  • have original, hexagonal shape
  • are made of the highest quality steel
  • are three-coloured
  • have ribbon set with printed slogan
  • on the reverse side there is an organiser’s logo with UV pritnings

Original medals on every sports event

Do you like medals produced by us for athletes who took part in this survival race? Do you want participats of your sports competition to receive such unique medals?

See our current orders in the GALLERY» we can produce any quantity of custom-made personalised medals on every ocassion or sports competition. If you want to learn more about our offer – CONTACT US»

Metal Medals for runners of Survival Race

Metal medals for running competition

Unique sports medals


Personalised sports medals


Original metal medals for Survival Race Wrocław


Custom made personalised medals