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Modern Forms2016-06-21
Custom-made medalsSports medals

What is the line of human endurance? How much can you stand? Will you have enough courage to face up with obstacle course? Surely everyone who take up the challenge and participate in this obstacle race in order to overcome weaknesses deserves for special award.

Creating medals for people who took part in this sports competition called Terenowa Masakra was a great challenage for us. We knew that they had to be unique. Like participants of Terenowa Masakra we met this challenge – we produce original medals of modern design and extraordinary form as well as stunning looks.

Sports medals for runners of Terenowa Masakra


Custom-made irregular shape medals

Medals for participants of Terenowa Masakra are in irregular shape and painted black. They are made of powder-coated metal. On the medals you can see runners, the name of an event, date and length of the run.

The participants of sports competition, especially obstacle race deserve an awards. Consequently, we produce commemorative medals with great precision. Thanks to medals this event will be a memorable experience.

Metal medals of irregular shape with black ribbon and printings refer to the nature of an event. What is more, they look amazing.


Personalised medals for sports competition

If you are looking for unique medals for sports competition you should see our offer. Go to GALLERY» where you can find dozens of photos showing our medals – of any shape, various materials and many colours.

Medals for athletes and participants of sports competitions are:

  • personalised – referring to the event’s nature,
  • of any shape and size,
  • made in accordance with your graphic design or prepare by our graphic designer,
  • made of various materials (metal, plexiglas, wood, laminate),
  • engraved or with printings.

Do you want to learn more about our medals?

CONTACT US» our sales specialists will prepare an offer customised for your needs.

Sports medals for runners of Terenowa Masakra event

Metal medals for Terenowa Masakra Bydgoszcz