Glass masterpieces – medals and statuettes from Modern Forms

Modern Forms2020-07-31

Are you organising an event and you care about a unique setting? Are you looking for exclusive sports and business awards that will make a great impression on the recipients? Look into our range of glass medals and statuettes. We will surprise you with the uniqueness of design and precision of assembly.

At Modern Forms we live by one simple rule: every new challenge is a step forward! This attitude continues during the production process for every order which demands going beyond the usual standards. Such orders include glass medals and statuettes, which give a perfect alternative for the traditional sports and business awards. Our innovative production technology allows us creating a medal or statuette in almost every freely designed shape – we are not restricted by ready-made patterns or templates. We create entirely from start to finish.

Glass awards with a WOW-Factor!

Any shape, supreme precision during manufacturing process and full colour spectrum thanks to UV printing – it is our proven recipe for glass medals and statuettes, which are very hugely popular due to their unique character. Another advantage of our products is the possibility of combining glass with other materials, e.g. wood, steel or granite. Are you curious to the see finished product? Take a look at some of our completed projects:

Glass medals and statuettes – technical details:

Are you wondering how the production process for glass awards looks like? For our medals and statuettes we use Float glass with a thickness of 4 mm, 6 mm and 8 mm. The technical parameters that apply are:

– minimum dimension of glass elements: 50 mm x 100 mm,

– minimum diameter of glass medals: 80 mm,

– minimum size of mounting holes: 3 mm.

Let yourself be carried away by first impression!

Would you like to be sure that the project will be in line with your vision? Based on the provided by you materials and instructions we will prepare a graphic project, which will combine your expectations and our broad technological abilities. Is it important to you to see your medals and statuettes in the final form? Order a prototype – with orders over 50 items or 452 EUR/410 GBP net we will provide it complimentary. All of this, so that the final result gives you 100% satisfaction!

Check out our gallery of glass statuettes!

Any questions? Our team is waiting to offer advice – write to us!