Exclusive trophies for Best Employers 2016

Modern Forms2016-11-30
Custom-made trophies

Best Employers program once again excelled and reward companies which create particularly engaging work places and work setting where employees can easily develop themselves. This project is organized and led by the Aon Hewitt which is closely allied to the biggest and the most complex diagnosis of staff involvement in Poland. Approximately 100 companies and 350 thousand employees have been tested so far in Poland.


In Best Employers program organized by Aon Hewitt, the enterprises which make their aim to create engaging and strong leadership, reliable brand and efficient organization have won. According to the research conducted by Aon Hewitt the companies which consciously build up the involvement of employees achieve better financial results and greater customer satisfaction. The thought for the good work environment results in the lower rate of staff turnover which has an impact on the improvement of quality of work and job work efficiency.

Unique trophies for prestigious events

Prestigious trophies for prestigious gala

The Forum of Inspiration Modern Employer organized by Aon Hewitt took place on 26th October 2016 in Warsaw. The overview of the best practices in engaging employees used by the companies on the Polish market and the Best Employers 2016 Awards Ceremony coped the event. There were Aon Hewitt, Google, LinkedIn, Synerise, D-RAFT, Oknoplast i GrowPoint among the specialists on the forum.During the forum we were sharing the latest trends in creating engagement, innovativeness and new technology as well as adaptation of startup culture.

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Best Employers 2016 - award ceremony

During this event there were chosen prizewinners in three categories: small- and medium-sized enterprises (employing up to 250 workers), large enterprises (employing from 250 to 1000 people), very large companies (employing more than 1000 employees). Among the prizewinners there were the biggest Polish companies such as Hipp, Keller, Liberty Ubezpieczenia, Link4, Nutricia czy Grupa Lux Med. The representatives of these companies have received unique commemorative trophies made for the request of the Aon Hewitt in accordance to the graphic design prepared by Tomasz Zalewa.

Unique trophies for special and prestigious events

The participants of Best Employers 2016 program have received unique awards – modern, prestigious trophies produced in accordance with original project and made of the highest quality materials.

Trophies for the Best Employers 2016 are distinguished by the elegant style and great aesthetic. Neatly finish and precise treatment make our products stunning and they perfectly reflect the nature of this special event.

On the painted pewter chrome-nickel base of the trophy there is an inscription – name of the awarded company. The upper element of the trophy in the hexagonal shape is made of the 3 cm thickness glass in red color. The trophy presents the luxury style and perfectly reflects the nature of this event – Best Employers organized by Aon Hewitt.

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