Create a set of awards with character

Modern Forms2020-10-05

Are you organising an event and you care about a unique setting, perfected in every detail? Do you want to surprise the participants of the event when you hand them awards and gifts? For every product you order with us, we can offer awards or gadgets that create a unique set tailored to your event. See our completed projects and get inspired!

Mix and match as you like

Are you wondering what products to put together to create a matching set which will impress the participants of your event? Mix and match freely! We will create one of a kind sets of sports or business awards from any products, that will match graphically, and at the same time will be tailored to the character of your event and will be 100% personalised. All products with the same graphics characteristics, corresponding to an individual project prepared especially for you.

What product categories can you put together?

  • Jigsaw medals,
  • Medals & trophies,
  • Medals & display boards,
  • Medals & medal hangers,
  • Company gadgets: key rings & bottle openers & magnets & pins,
  • Medals & display boards & key rings.

These are only select few combinations. We are limited only by your imagination. Are you curious about our completed sets? Look below:

One of a kind sets

Are you ordering a set? We will personalise your awards and gadgets, both in terms of colours and shapes. You can put together products from several sports or business categories, and at the same time combine different shapes and any shades from full colour range in one set.

We will create sets for you taking into account:

  • Different sports disciplines,
  • Typical for sports competitions, division into places, incorporating colour markings (gold, silver, bronze, white),
  • Name personalisation (each medal/trophy with a name and surname of the contestant),
  • Company logo – the organiser’s and/or sponsor’s of the event on various products included in one set.

Medals… and more!

Remember that it is the attention to details that will make the setting of your business or sports event unforgettable. Are you ordering medals and looking for solutions that will keep up the latest trends? Choose a set of medals with additional medals’ tape overlays, which will create a matching graphic whole.

Convenient and fast – order more just before the event

We know from experience, that the number of participants can change overnight. Our goal has always been to support the event industry. We not only produce unique sports and business awards, but as well constantly improve our offer so that it flexibly keeps up with the needs of our customers. How does it look like in practice? When ordering with us, you can order additional products to match the final numbers even up to 5 working days prior to the event with a guaranteed on time delivery. It also includes the products ordered in sets. Thank to this, you order exactly as much as you need.

See our sets gallery! 

Do you have questions regarding creating a set of personalised sports and business awards or company gifts? We are waiting for you message!