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Modern Forms is a place, where passion for quality, innovation, and design meets hard work. The commitment of our team and our proprietary technology made us one of the biggest producers of awards for business and sports events not only in our home Poland but in the whole of Europe. Visit our gallery »

We tailor our offer to the needs of the companies, institutions, and organizations who entrust us with the design and production of truly unique awards. In response to your inquiries, we’ve created a special offer for sets of consistent medals, statuettes, openers, keyrings, and pins.

The benefits of our prize bundles

  • You are guaranteed that your awards set will be produced on time. What’s more, if the number of participants increases just before the event, you can always order more batches of medals or openers. Easy reordering – check details »
  • Our team of advisors and talented designers will design a set of consistent rewards just for you. Pick what you need, we will take care of the design and quality.
  • You save time, you save money. Just order a set of trophies for winners, participants, sponsors, organizers, and volunteers in one order.
  • Regardless of whether you need rewards for a business event or medals for the best sportsmen, with us, thanks to advanced personalization and unique projects, you’ll always get what you need.

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Awards sets for sports events – for every discipline

We are a group of sports, competition and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts who are fortunate to produce medals and statuettes for the largest sporting events not only in the country but in the world. In addition, we play the role of organizers, partners, and participants of sports competitions, which is why we know what challenges we will face.

Flexible offer and advanced personalization allow us to create sets of trophies for all occasions and categories. Don’t forget about the fans. Our pins, openers, and keyrings are a great place for sponsors or branding placement.

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Exclusive business awards sets

Business events, regardless of their scale, require an appropriate setting. Our awards feature distinguish galas, anniversaries, company events, cultural events and conferences all around the world. Over the years, many companies and corporations have trusted our quality, which is why we can leverage our extensive experience in creating awards consistent with both your brand and the event itself. We are proud of our modern design and high quality – proud not in vain, according to our client’s testimonies. Check the reviews »

Our offer also includes small gifts such as key rings, magnets, and openers that will help strengthen the brand image. Consistent IDs and pins will be an elegant addition to the visual branding of your event.

Check out our offer of business awards: