A small thing that makes you happy – pins, magnets and key rings

Modern Forms2020-09-02

If you are looking for a unique and discreet way of promoting your company, unconventional method to distinguish the participants of your event or an idea for memorable and useful souvenirs – pins, magnets and key rings are the bull’s eye!

Say it by PINS!

How to utilise our pins? Attached to the staff uniforms will be a subtle way of promoting your company during business meetings. They can also be an effective way to identify delegates during trainings, conventions and special events or a method to show association with a specific organisation or a sports club. To guarantee that the pins will suit the character of your event or style of your business, they are available in any shape or size with a unique design in full colour spectrum achieved through spatial texturing technology. Our pins are made from metal and are fastened with a safety pin or butterfly clasp. See our completed projects and get inspired:

Let yourself be attracted to… a magnet!

This proven advertising gadget gains in our hands thanks to spatial texturing technology, which guarantees printing precision and perfect end result. A unique design and an original shape will make our magnets a perfect souvenir from important events or a little gift, e.g. for wedding guests with thanks for accompanying the bride and groom on their wedding day. The magnets produced by us will have a ferrite magnet. See our magnets:

Company key ring – always at hand!

This is the most practical gadget that can also be used to promote your company! Just like the pins, it can be used by employees of your company or serve as a small gift for your customers. Create a key ring with your own design and be sure that your logo or company name will accompany the owner of the key ring during his daily routine. A full spectrum of colours and any shape – that is not all! In case of the key rings we can choose from a variety of materials. We can make eco-style wooden key rings as well as full colour spectrum plexiglass or stainless key rings. For fastening we are using rings or rings with chains. Are your curious about the end results? See our projects:

Get inspired by visiting our picture gallery of our pins, key rings and magnets.

Do you have questions about an unusual key ring or pins? We are waiting for you message!